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Landal Castle

History of the castle

1 - Wars and religion: XIe - XIIe - XIIIe Centuries

It is in XIe century that Landal on a site is built druidic, picturesque and imposing, on the initiative of the archbishop of Fraud, to take part with Combourg in the protection of the area. The land lords who follow one another it, Montsorel, Of aubigné, defend the field, take part in the crusades, dream the conquest of Graal, sensitive to the Christian faith as with the marvellous accounts of Brocéliande.

2 - Intrigues and treasons: XIVe and XVe centuries

XIVe century does not start so badly. Mahaut d' Aubigné enters with Landal the significant family of Montauban, by marrying Olivier, comrade in arms of Of Guesclin. Ca is spoiled, when Arthur de Montauban adviser and close friend of the duke of Brittany, and in love from ravissante and rich Francoise de Dinan, promised to the brother of the duke Gilles, obtains from the duke, by a faked denunciation, the setting with died of her brother, under atrocious conditions. The duke learns that it was misled, and dedicates to Montauban a comprehensible hatred. Montauban makes neither nor two, it gives up the Breton cause and is turned consequently to with dimensions of king de France against the duke. Marie de Montauban, rams of Landal and niece of Arthur is hardly more advisable. She continues the social rise by marrying Louis de Rohan-Guéméné. It annoys it, she poisons it, and marries one of the large lords of France, George of Tremoille. The marriage not being appropriate to him definitely, it repeats, is made this time condemn and immure. Landal in this end of XVe century, undergoes worries of a frontier fortified town, initially conquered by the duke in 1467, who cannot leave an enemy family, this "sentinel" of Brittany. The castle is quickly taken again on behalf of Montauban by the armies of the king.

3 - Lapse of memory then abandonment: XVIe and XVIIe centuries

Initially to the son of Marie, Louis de Rohan, the castle of Landal passes by marriage to Rochechouart-Mortemart then to Marie Colbert, girl of the minister, who sells it. These famous and foreign families with the country which has Landal as well as many of other fields, do not reside at it and are interested in it only for the incomes which it can report.

4 - Restoration and reconstrution: XVIIIe and XIXe centuries

Very other has been the new owner Joseph de France and first purchaser for more than seven centuries of the field of Landal. Resulting from a local family, it is so proud acquisition of a stronghold marked by the history, that it affixes its armorial bearings on any occasion there, ressuscite of the medieval uses fallen in disuse. In a word, it plays lord. Landal is burnt once again by English into 1758 who is avenged for Olivier de France, general captain of the guard-dimensions of Fraud. It passes by marriage to the family of Breil, is seized with the Revolution, then repurchased by the count of Breil in 1803 and remains until the end of the XIXe century in this same family which in second half of the century entirely rebuilds the significant keep.

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