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Castle of Combourg

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The foundation of the castle of Combourg which, in its current state, dates from XIIIe, XIVe and XVe centuries, goes back to the year 1016. It was the work of Junken, bishop of dol of Brittany. It initially belongs to the family Of Guesclin then at the XVIIIe century, with the count de Chateaubriand. Outside, it seems a powerful fortress with its four massive towers capped in pepper plantation, its crenelated covered way and its thick bored walls of narrow openings. The interior was refitted in 1876. One visits successively the vault, the large now separate show in two parts, the room of the Files where are exposed memories of the famous writer François-Rene de Chateaubriand (Autographs, piece of furniture, decoration...) and, in the tower of the Cat, the austere room of its childhood.

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Coordinates of the castle

Castle :

23 rue des princes
35 270 Combourg

Phone : + 33 2 99 73 22 95

Proprietor : private property - Listed monument

Date and schedule from the visits

The castle is open all days except saturdays (except summer) :

- on April 1 at October 31 of 14h at 17h30

The park is open all days except saturdays (except summer) :

- on April 1 at October 31 of 9h at 12h and 14h at 18h

On RDV for the groups in March and interior November and visit guided and with accompanying notes

The castle is closed on November 1 at March 31

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