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Castle of Bonne fontaine

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Large home restored in 1547. The tower of the south, known as Tour of Porçon "was built by the chamberlain of the Anne duchess. The castle of Bonne Fontaine was useful, at the time of the league, of cutting off to the troops of mercoeur. Significant transformations, at the end of the XIXe century, did of them one of the most beautiful castles of Breton Renaissance style of the area. Quite as remarkable the landscaped garden which surrounds it and which is allotted to the large André landscape designer.

Web Site
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Coordinates of the castle

Castle :

1,5 km au sud de la ville
35560 Antrain

Proprietor : private property - Listed monument

Date and schedule from the visits

The park of the castle is open all days :

- of Barrel at All Saints' day of 10h at 18h

The castle is closed with the public

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