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Castle of Faye

History of the castle

The castle of Faye had to be little high of time after the feudal war having opposed the Damas de Couzan Drill some in Meymont d' Olliergues of Auvergne (object of a peace treaty written about 1195 to supervise the valley of Giroux known as of Faye, flow of Dore. This first military station, remain the tower carries rectangular (included later in the vault of which it constitutes part of the nave by its semi-circular vault) where the chainings of angles and the traces of door frame remain visible as well as a archère and a full round tower, the whole probably builds about 1240.

Montrevel which had it then made alterations and enlargings during one century and half. It is at the end of this period that the latter were most and most significant at such point that they still condition the aspect and the consistency of the majority of the buildings of the unit. They are to be put in the active of Guillaume de Montrevel. Undoubtedly high and informed with the abbey close to Thiers where his/her maternal uncle was abbot, guerroyant initially simple knight with five riders under the banner of the dukes of Berry and fascinating Bourbon share to the crusade of the knights teutonic in Prussia, present at the battles of Rosebecque and Verneuil, adviser and chamberlain of these two dukes it takes thanks to those feet at the court.

To advise and chamberlain of the king, besieging the palate of the popes of Avignon, ambassador in Cyprus, in Spain and England, seneshal of Beaucaire, governor of the Dolphin, this valiant soldier and diplomat died in December 1413 establishes his fame so largely that its direct and indirect descendants made a point of jointly carrying from generation to generation to their name the nickname of the Hermit of Faye. Its fortune went hand in hand. It increases the old strong house and built in particular the remarkably bored North-eastern tower of three drain-holes, the first in Auvergne at that time. Its two died sons with Azincourt, one of his/her two daughters brought with other grounds which it had acquired, the seigniory of Faye to the Counting frame of Charriol, small vassal of Thiers of which one of them built between other things the crowning of machicolation of the large south-eastern tower. Those, for lack of heir, alissairent by donation Faye with their relative Calard de Frissonnet, of Viverols.

Christophe de Calard refitted certain interior parts of the castle and prolonged the part of the gallery located on the stables by opening it by broad bays curved on the prospect for Limagne and of the Mounts Gilds. The its brilliant led military it begun again in particular town of Mende to Huguenots of the captain Blackbird to him been worth great honors and some financial incomes of which due to profit our building.

Calard fallen out of stopper rod bequeathed Faye to Tallaru-Chalmazel which sold it in Simiane which almost immediately yielded it to Provenchères which has thus had it for three centuries. If it is currently difficult to precisely find all the parts of the castle such as described inventory after death of 1606, of the room of the Clock to that of Endormis, the restoration undertaken make it possible to safeguard a beautiful unit where methodical excavations, releases and consolidations later will make possible a resurrection of this residence so particular by its architecture and its history.

In 2001, Charles-Henri de Provenchères bequeaths the castle of Faye to his daughter little time after his marriage. The young couple is invested since to make reappear this thousand-year-old site.

This history is the work of Mr. Lucien Drouot, Doctor ès-Letters, Honorary General Conseiller of Puy-de-Dome (63).

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