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October 2003

La guerre au Moyen Age
de Philippe Contamine

"With the eyes of the public, the warlike dimension of the Average Western Age is of a massive obviousness. From this largely shared point of view, medieval space, the medieval company appear dominated one by the Castle-extremely, the other by the knight. The present synthesis, aiming at evoking the war as a phenomenon social and made mentality through a whole millenium, does not claim to call into question this vision, but to moderate it, supplement it. It wonders about the depth of the rupture that the various waves of "great invasions" involved in the military field, weighs up the forces and the weaknesses of the armies carolingiennes, points out the warlike context which surrounded and partly conditioned feudality, examines the changes in the control of the war which accompanied and caused the growth of the State. This overflight arises the image of an Average inventive, complex and mobile Age, or was exerted an art of warfare less frustrates that it was sometimes thought. The relationship between war and Christianity is the subject of a detailed attention. Even if the Christian design guaranteed not only the idea of war right because necessary but also the idea of holy war forged in the exaltation of the fight against the forces of the Evil, it had also the smell and the concern of peace, which was to lead at several currents hétérodoxes with the clearly expressed concepts of pacifism and non-violence "

The opinion of Casteland: Been useful by a quite simply exceptional bibliography (more than 1700 entries!), this remarkable book poses without turnings all the fundamental ones of the war at the Average Age Published for the first time in 1980, it makes the object since then of regular republications for all those which are not pleased already to count it among volumes of their libraries. The style is precise and limpid, abundant documentation. With the obviousness a best-seller of its category. Only one word: essential!

Philippe Contamine, « La Guerre au Moyen Age », Paris, PUF, réed. 1999.

La Guerre au Moyen Age

Auteur : P.Contamine
Editeur : PUF
Genre : Histoire

Prix éditeur : 30 €
Prix : 28,50 €
Vous économisez : 1,50 € (-5 %)

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