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Febuary 2003

Les Capétiens

By Ivan Gobry
Editions Tallandier

Substituent with the dynasty of Carolingiens, of which the last kids, with the transitory reigns, were the victims of their political and military incapacity, the elder branch of Capétiens, known as direct, occupied the throne of France during more than four centuries, thanks to assets which made of it the most prestigious dynasty of the Occident. These kings have, indeed, all policy-holder their succession of wire father, until the advent of the branch junior by Valois. Moreover, each one showed an affirmed personality, physically, morally and politically. That their reign was too short, like that of Louis VIII the Lion, or extremely length like that of Philippe II Auguste, all showed of authority, devotion and entrepreneurship to the French nation. Thanks to these qualities and through permanent fights against the vassal ambitious ones and the close sovereigns, they could gradually carry out the unit of France, kingdom which, of a small duchy around Paris, was constituted of the mouth of the Meuse in the Pyrenees, and thus became most powerful and more the brilliance of Europe.

Ivan Gobry, eminent specialist in the medieval history, published, among thirty works, the Lawsuit of Templiers (Perrin), Charlemagne (the Rock), and, at Tallandier, Frederic Barberousse, First Kings de France, medieval Civilization and Louis XI.

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