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History and Middle Ages

ALEPH Histoire et Sciences Sociales : French search engine specialized which enables you to obtain relevant results on a precise field.

Armoria : Shop on line with the Celtic set of themes - Scandinavian - Medieval - Fantastic (sculptures, Tins of Graal, books, decorative weapons, jewels...). Protected payment.

Sur les routes d'Avalon... : French web site on the legends arthuriennes through the literature and the life at the Average Age. Strong knights, castles, the country class, the dwelling in XIIIe century... : Web site devoted to the castles and the abbeys of the department of Aisne. : This site will in the long term propose all the battles delivered by France of Vercingétorix to the end of the 1st Empire. For the small history, this site is carried out entirely in css : Links of medieval history and literature, Bibliographies, Texts on line, Enluminures, Architecture and Archaeology. : When the author of "J'étais à Bouvines", Alain STRECK, meets one impassioned of data processing and of the Web Philippe DUPONT, that gives a teaching site open to the amateurs of medieval history.

Comte de champagne : Web site devoted to the political, economic, literary history and chocolate éclair of the Champagne County enters Xe century and fastening to the Crown of France at the end of XIIIe century.

E-Moyen Age : Site of teaching resources in Medieval History.

Fervetus : The web site of the Company of Fer-vetus, company of animation medievale animating medieval festivals and proposing combat, cascades, processions, camping, animations of streets and sites.

France Patrimoine : This circle of sites wishes féderer all sites devoted to the study, the safeguarding and the presentation of the French inheritance.

Hédé 35630 : The web site of the town of Hédé and its castle. : For all those which like the History.

HIStoire : French history of the end of prehistory with Louis XV: historical panorama, significant characters, conflicts, charts and monuments. Stakes make it possible to locate the great events of the world history compared to the French history.

Histoire de France de Vercingétorix à nos jours : You the life of the kings, the queens and the mistresses tells.

Histoire médiévale de l'Ordre du Temple : Medieval history of the Order of the Knights of the Temple of the origin of its creation to its destruction.

Histoire en : This site does not have the claim to be a court of history, but rather an evocation of characters, places and facts historical. : The Web-magazine of the history, the genealogy, the soil, the inheritance and cultural tourism.

Histoweb : A directory of sites of history classified by type and area.

Istorhabreiz : You will find on this site the results of research on the History of Brittany and more generally on the Britain culture.

La France pittoresque : daily receives the visit of approximately a thousand of Net surfers very sensitive to tourism, the gastronomy and the culture, in search of sorted information and quality. : The bookshop of the Middle Ages proposes a vast choice of specialized books: stories and legends, castles, kings, Cathares, company, art. Purchasing possibility on line. : Web site is dedicated to the Orders of knighthood.

Médiévales : Everyday life with the Middle Ages. Find an extraordinary illustrated glossary. This site is carried out by school room of the town of Sedan.

Medieweb : The medieval directory where are gathered all the French-speaking sites dealing with the Middle Ages (Castles, reconstitutions, kitchen...). : Edition and sale of books, documents, CD... on the nobility, the heraldic one, genealogy, royal families and princely, the regionalism and orders of knighthood.

Moncontour : Moncontour of Brittany history and the archaeology of place-strong of Penthièvre.

Musee : This site offers an outline of the collections as of the rich person together architectural in whom they are presented. Find all the schedules d?ouverture, tariffs... and programs it demonstrations.

Mythes et : Enter the cave of the mystery and the strange one. You will find there all kinds of creatures, tale of fantasies, legends and well of other still...

NetSERF : The Internet Connection for Medieval Resources. : Site dedicated to the Middle Ages and covering the periods of the first capétiens to François 1st. Illustrated lexicon, crusades, war one hundred year old, knighthood, weapons and protections. : Site presenting to the spectacle Renaissance"A the Court of Kings François" played each summer by the voluntary ones of Animation Amboise Renaissance. Also find files sets of themes on the Renaissance.

Roland Ferrandi : the site of an impassioned musician of medieval music and rebirth with Cistre, the Lute, the Battente Guitar and Théorbe.

Saint Sernin : Visit commented on and documented Basilica Sernin Saint of Toulouse. Head of Romance work of art. : Web Site on the conservation of the historical residences.

les Temps Médiévaux : In the universe of the cultural periodicals, the arrival in the kiosks of one stores historical is always an event, more especially as "Médiévaux times" rest exclusively on a scientific base, but with the range of all; of the medievist to the amateur while passing through the layman. : Creators and manufacturers of objets d'art of medieval inspiration since forty years, and impassioned by this time, jewels carried out in our small family workshop with now a Shop on line. : enluminure, work with more close to the medieval methods. Achievements, course, training courses, history of the book and animations. : The regional gate of the Loire Valley.

Vie Médiévale : The web site of all impassioned the Middle Ages and its reconstitution. You will find there many bonds like various articles. Also come to express you on the forum. It is opened with all. : the directory of the medieval reconstitutions.

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