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Shard gratuit et francophone exclusivement axé Role Playing. Une moyenne de 100 jours par soir à la fois québécois et français.

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Casteland Partners : the french gate of reference of education for the parents, the children and the teachers : the french gate of education: more than 2000 educational bonds, of the assistance in many matters, courses...

L'Instant Durable : You proposes models in 3d of various Historic buildings (Castles, Cathédrales and others). : Free Shard and French-speaking person exclusively centered Playing Role. A 100 days average per evening at the same time québécois and French.

Stronghold le jeu : An extraordinary mixture of simulation of construction and strategy in real time. Besiege the unfavourable castles or defend your own fortress. Captivating battles against 4 adversaries coriaces. Twelve historical castles were imitated in detail by means of old plans of construction, while taking into account more than 80 components. The castle of the logo of casteland comes from an image of the play.

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Normandy - France
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