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Castles: Be careful the addresses of the sites of the castles present on casteland are indicated to you on the banner page of each castle.

ABC des châteaux-forts : This site proposes to you to facilitate research of information on the castles, enclosures of city or village, forts, strengthened churches... More than 1500 monuments were indexed. : Alsace is a ground rich in castles. In his site, Christophe ZINK proposes to you to leave to their discovery, either within the framework of course of pedestrian excursion, or through descriptive cards illustrated and with accompanying notes.

Au pays des châteaux de la Loire : guide-interprets proposes to you a guided tour of the cities and castles of the Loire Valley. : This site makes it possible to the visitors to get information about the history, architecture, the blazons and the legends of certain French castles.

Castles on the Web : Data Base of sites of castles throughout the world. : Reference of the castles, the palates and the monasteries including/understanding: excursions of castle, structures medieval, hotels, voyage, plans, marriages, castles to be sold, memories, books. : described, until now, of the 49 castles or ruins of castle in Dutch cheeses with images, plans and older images as well as a séléction of castles in Europe.

Castles of Britain : Site devoted to the study of the British castles. : A splendid collection of photographs of Cities and Castles medieval of the Loire Valley and Center by an artist G of Alba, in love with the Castles... : Virtual voyage in Cathar Country. Interactive encyclopaedia on the History and the Cathars Country.

Chateaux forts d'Alsace : Find photographs of Alsatian castles. : This site indexes the castles and the churches strengthened in the Limousin. Galleries of photographs, history of the places, history of the saints and architectural studies of the buildings presented.

Châteaux et moyen age : A site on the castles of the South of France with headings on the medieval history. : Find a beautiful selection of the castles of the Limousin : Medieval site with the varied resources castles, glossary, bibliography, weapons and armours... : Find the visit of more than thirty castles located in Auvergne and its periphery with photographs accompanied by texts and bonds on other sites. : Find a list of more than 65 sites of French castles selected by B Stine like several hundreds of bonds in all the fields.

Liste des châteaux forts : Find a list of sites of French castles selected by Br.Hessels. : Carcassonne, complete visit of the City and the Country house St Louis, head of work of medieval architecture. Discover the monuments of the city, its history, its legends and traditions. : The web site of the Swiss medieval castles : francs Holy Land castles.

If You wish that your site be registered in one of the headings, thank you to send an Mail with your text to us and the desired heading.

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