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Crussol Castle

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Even if it is considered, rightly, like one of the top-places of the inheritance ardéchois, the ruins of the fortress of Crussol are related above all on the valley of the Rhone and the landscape valentinois. They occupy the top of a piton of rocks limestones (the "mountain of Crussol" 3 km is long.) who culminates with 400 meters. A steep slope of 250 meters ensures the fortress an impressive natural protection.

The construction of the castle begins in XIIème century, under the reign of a lord named Gerald Bastet but the name of Crussol (Cruciolo, in Latin) is mentioned as of Xème century in the cartulaire of the Abbey of Chaffre Saint. The whole of the ruins gather, on 3 hectares, the village (the Villette), large of a hundred houses to the shelter behind a first rampart and the castle itself. Property of the family of Uzès, the residence seigneuriale will cease being inhabited in XVème century (one will préfèrera then to him the castle of Uzès, more comfortable). At the time of the wars of religion, the site finds its military utility: invested by the Protestants in 1573, it will be consolidated and the refitted fortifications. The Catholics will come however to end and it will be finally shaven at the XVIIème century. Work of restoration has been undertaken for a few years and the visit makes it possible to discover a fabulous medieval unit.

Text of Gerard Boulé

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Coordinates of the castle

Castle :

Château de Crussol
07500 Guilherand-Granges

Phone : + 33 4 75 40 30 15

E-mail :

Proprietor :
City property

Date and schedule from the visits

Free accesses and visit all the year (Attention the walk is sometimes dangeureuse with mountainside...).

Paying guided tours Wednesday and Sunday. Prices and schedules available to the reception of the castle (+ 33

The Company of the asses of Crussol proposes a donkey ride around the castle: information and tariffs to + 33

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