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Castle of Thouzon

History of the castle

The more ancient known act concerning Thouzon dates from 1014: It attributes to the Benedictines of St Andrew of Villeneuve (near Avignon) the ownership of « churches which are or will be on Thouzon's mountain, with their outbuildings. »

In 1088, the Count of Toulouse, marquees of Provence, confirms this ownership. But this act mentions that the marquis keeps for himself the albergue[1] and the right to go there with an army.

In 1096, Pope Urbain II confirms Thouzon's ownership by the abbey of St Andrew by just mentionaing St Peter of Thouzon.

In 1118, Pope Gelase II grants new privileges to St Peter of Thouzon.

In 1140, an act mentions again 2 churches St Mary’s and St Peter’s, but also the woods, the adjacent village and all the territory with the swamp, the fishes and the banks.

In 1171, in spite of the property of the Benedictines, the Count of Toulouse Raymond V asks Giraud Amic to strengthen Thouzon, but he keeps over the future castle the high sovereign power, the rights of justice, cavalcade[2] and albergue. This act mentions the « monasterio » while in 1202, they call it the « castro ».

1396: The castle is occupied by the soldiers of the Viscount of Turenne. The vice-chancellor Gaston de Montecatino chases them away.

1549: A frontdoor stone showing the arms of the abbot François de Castellane indicates a likely restoration of the castle.

1563: The Baron of the Adrets chief of some groups of huguenots comes into the Thouzon’s place.

1594: César de Brancas, abbot of St Andrew and Lord of Thouzon, makes some repairs on the castle (Archives of Vaucluse).

1696: The abbot of Thouzon sells the castle and the lands to Joseph de Martin, archivist and secretary of state.

1700, 1705, 1727: Works are done on the roof of St Mary’s church.

1987: Birth of the association of Thouzon’s site.

[1] Albergue : privilege which forces the vassal to offer board and lodging to his lord once a year.
[2] Cavalcade : privilege of the lord to take men and animals to complete his army.

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