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Barroux Castle

History of the castle

With its construction, in XIIe century, the castle of Barroux was a powerful keep, girdled thick walls, which protected the Comtadine plain (forming Comtat Venaissin) against the invasions sarrasines and Italian.

It was the seat of the seigniory which, of XIIème in XVème century, belonged successively to the families of the Beams, Budos, Ricavi, Peyre, Cardaillac, Rovigliasc, Furrier of Gigondas and Noret.

In 1274, at the time of the taking possession of Comtat Venaissin by the Pope, Barroux became a stronghold under the dependence of the apostolic Room of Carpentras, until 1791, date on which Comtat was attached to France. Thus holding it of the stronghold of Barroux appeared among the vassal lords and feudatories of Our Saint Father the Pope.

In 1538, in payment of a debt, it becomes the property of Henri de Rovigliasc. This last had come to the pontifical court from Avignon (under the saint Pape Benoit XIII, 1324 - 1423). Into full Rebirth, it transformed the fortress military, uninhabitable, in a superb residence.

Delimiting the court, more recent fortifications supplement the system of defense of the castle. They were built towards the years 1680 - 1690 pennies the impulse of Vauban (Sebastien Prestre de Vauban, shining military head, was a Marshal of France under the king Louis XIV and surrounded the Kingdom of places strengthened in particular along the Scheldt, of the Meuse and the Rhine). Then, the history of the castle takes darker colors... Given up, put at evil in 1793 by the revolutionary hordes, sold at the XIXème century, it fell completely ruins some, and it was used as stone quarry during almost 150 years...

Mr. Vayson de Pradennes, industrialist, were caught passion for this site. About it being returned purchaser, it undertook a very significant section of rebuilding, on its own capital stocks, between 1929 and 1939. Tens of masons and stone masons worked on the building site, edge of the hardcores and going up the walls. Alas, Mr Vayson died accidentally in 1939.

The war started and work was stopped Net. During the war, it was partly used as observation post by the German troops of occupation.

In 1944, during a ambush, the Resistant ones killed a German soldier. In reprisals against this army of the shades, the troops of occupation, bringing together the inhabitants of Barroux, wanted to carry out civil hostages. Fortunately letting itself bend, the head of the German detachment did not make this revenge, but, while leaving, the section set fire to the castle. It burned during 10 days. We were on August 24, 1944, release day before of Paris...

The damage was considerable, and a new restoration was undertaken since 1960 per Doctor Mouliérac-Lamoureux, army medical officer, always on private funds. Several films were made there in 1977 - 1978 (the sword of Ardouaan), and in 1980 (tales of the perched cat).

Since 1993, the Association of the Friends of the Castle of Barroux continues this work, with the bread-winner Vayson de Pradenne, to which the castle always belongs. Even if all is not finished yet, the castle can now accomodate its visitors, and also offer a splendid framework to various cultural and artistic events.

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