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Castle of Carcassonne

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It is modern bridge which the Aude that spans should be discovered the city of Carcassonne. And if possible when the setting sun dyes therosy one with the gilded reflections its at the same time elegant and complex geometry. It cuts out then on the sky languedocian, as these unreal cities which one believed to exist only on Gothic enluminures, or in the iridescent distances of the tables the Primitive ones. Miraculeusement saved of the attacks of time, and rescapée - of accuracy! - stupidity of the men, it remains the most formidable strengthened unit which can be still seen in old Europe. A true stone anthology: throughout its three kilometers of ramparts, through its forty turns, of its two monumental doors, its weepholes, its castle provided itself with nine turns and an outer door, in the erudite labyrinth of its notched covered ways, of its staircases, baffles and posterns, of courtines in ditches, bretèches in watch towers, is read with open book all the military architecture of the Middle Ages.

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Coordinates of the castle

Castle :

Castle of Carcassonne
La Cité
11000 Carcassonne

Phone : + 33 4 68 11 70 72 Fax : + 33 4 68 11 70 71

Proprietor : Stats property - Listed monument

Date and schedule from the visits

The castle is open all days :

- April 1 at September 30 of 9h30 at 18h30
- October 1 at Mars 31 of 9h30 at 17h

Visit external of the free enclosure and guided tour only of the interior of the enclosure.

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