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Castle of Chambois


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In the work entitled "Castles and sites of the Average Age", Colette Gouvion presented Chambois as "a keep of on the other side of the channel forgotten on the ground of a Norman village" No formula could better summarize the impression emanating of this beautiful admirably preserved building. Its cousinage with the Tower of London or the keep of Rochester is undeniable. Chambois is authentic a small piece of England thrown in the heart of green Normandy. Assured expatriation!

Web Site
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Coordinates of the castle

Castle :

Castle of Chambois
61160 Chambois

Phone : + 33 (0) / + 33 (0) (hors saison)

Proprietor : Village property - Listed monument

Date and schedule from the visits

The castle is in the course of restoration and is not worth visiting.

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