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Castle of Caen

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It is towards 1060 that the duke Guillaume the Bastard one made build a castle on the rocky outcrop dominating Caen. This last, known by the texts since 1025, is attested by archaeology as of Ier century of our era, but it was not whereas about a secondary agglomeration with commercial vocation. The construction of the Abbey-with-Men and that of Abbey-with the Ladies on both sides of the castle will bring Caen, in a generation with dimensions of the large cities of the European North-West. Until the fastening of Normandy in France in 1204, the castle of Caen played an essential role in the policy of the Anglo-Norman kings on the continent. After this date, the castle lost its function of princely residence to become a fortress which knew several seats during the One hundred Year old War (1346-1450). Its role declined until the Revolution of 1789. At the XIXe century and until 1944, it is nothing any more but one barracks. After the destruction of 1944, it constitutes one of the essential points of the town planning of the town of Caen rebuilt and becomes "the enclosure of the museums". particularly thanks Mr André Maïsseu for the photographs and the text. Find the site of the Federation of Associations of defense of the inheritance of medieval architecture castrale Norman.

Les textes proviennent de "Source / Musée de Normandie, Ville de Caen :"
"Bibliographie "Mémoires du Château de Caen / Musée de Normandie. – Editions Skira, 2000, 175 p."

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Castle :

Château de Caen
14000 Caen

Proprietor : City property - Listed monument

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