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Moulineaux Castle

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The castle of Moulineaux was built towards XIe and XIIe century. No certainty as for the existence of a Duke of Normandy, called Comma moth. It could be a question of Robert-the-Splendid, duke of Normandy (1010-1035) and father of William the Conqueror. Only certainty of royal stay, that of Richard Heart-of-Lion, king d' Angleterre. The Castle was destroyed by his brother Jean Without-Ground during his fight against the king of France Philippe-Auguste. Statement thereafter, rouennais them destroyed the turns of the castle during the One hundred year old War to prevent the English from strengthening itself there. A museum of wax characters shelters scenes of the life of Comma moth. A counterpart of the royal drakkar of Asenberg is exposed in a vault of Norwegian inspiration.

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Coordinates of the castle

Castle :

Château de Robert le Diable
76530 Moulineaux

Phone : + 33 2 35 18 02 36

Proprietor :
Private property

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