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Castle of Druyes

History of the castle

Built in second half of XIIème century by the counts of Nevers, the castle of Druyes was made famous:

  • By Pierre II de Courtenay, grandson of Louis VI le Gros one who had married Agnès of Nevers.
  • By his daughter the Mahaut countess.

It is there that Pierre de Courtenay, in 1188, signed the charter of stamping releasing the middle-class men of Auxerre of the obligation of the dead hand. It is there, also that in 1216, Pierre II of Courtenay accepted the ambassadors come to offer to him the crown of the Latin empire of Constantinople. Druyes was then with the apogee of its size. In 1223, the Mahaut countess frees the serfs there from Auxerrois.

From XIVème century, Druyes entered the decline. Nivernais thus the castle passed successively by the play of alliances, with the hands of the Counts de Flandre, the Dukes of Burgundy, the family of Mantoue. In 1659, Mazarin bought the county and bequeathed it to its Mancini nephew. In 1735, a duke of Nevers resold Druyes with Louis of Damas, marquis de Anlezy. After this sale, the life of the castle ceased. After the revolution, the various owners did not occupy any more its maintenance and time exerted its devastations slowly. From 1958 one period of restoration started.


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