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Description of the headings of casteland

- "History" They is historical texts on various events example: The Cathar crusade.

- "Medieval Castle" We propose to you in these headings, the virtual visit of a selection of castles. They are classified by department and. One finds there a diaporama, a description of the castle, a chronicle on the lords builders.

- "Glossary" It is a lexicon of the medieval terms (more than 135 words). It will use to you for better including/understanding the various texts who make this site. It is not exhaustive. We invite you to announce word to us who should appear in this dictionary (you serve of the heading "Your comments").

- "Castles links" Find a list of bonds on sites perso or professionals who speak about Castles and all that goes around like our partners.

- "Contacts" With this heading you will be able to say all to us on all. It is composed of a Forum, a Gold Book and a form (Optional) for better knowing our visitors and to enable you to send your comments and suggestions to us on the site. By devoting us one minute of your time, you can help us to make known our site with a maximum of people.

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Normandy - France
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