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Bodiam Castle

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In 1385, Edward Dalyngrigge, a future royal adviser and veteran of the wars with France, receipt the permission of the king to build a castle on its manor of Bodiam. The building which it built, although maintaining a ruin, is one of the castles most celebrated in England. It is visited each year by more than 170.000 people, and the images of its walls and turns, peacefully reflected in water of the ditch, appear on all the covers of book. It is not difficult to explain the popularity of Bodiam. Few buildings can compete its splendid configuration, and the outside of the castle represents what each one of us thinks that should resemble a medieval castle. Bodiam can be regarded as the last large English castle.

Web Site
Coordinates of the castle

Castle :

Château de Bodiam
Bodiam, Robertsbridge
E. Sussex TN32 5UA.

Phone : +44 (0)1580 830436

Proprietor :
National trust property - Listed monument

Date and schedule from the visits

The castle is open :

- on February 23 at October 31 of 10h at 18h
- on November 1 at February 22 10h at 16h only saturdays and Sundays

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